New Book Launch Info · 10. January 2018
Sonia A Nwajei launches her new book, 7 MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT MARRIAGE & TWENTY-SIX STEPS TO A BETTER YOU, with a mission to enrich lives and transform marriages as well as inspire personal improvements. Being with her husband for eight years, she knows the challenges that come with communication and connection in marriage, hence she wrote this book, with the hope of closing the gap, and foster a happy union between partners. Men and women are eagerly embracing this new book. stay tuned.

self motivation · 21. December 2017
Hi everyone welcome back to my blog, hope you all had a great weekend. today I want to discuss simple steps and practices that can help you achieve a goal. What ever your dream or goal is, how you go about it is what either turns it into a reality or let it continue to be ''A Dream''.

Ecommerce ideas · 11. December 2017
Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. today I want to share some personal experiences, I encountered whilst trying to start my own small business. as an entrepreneur, I know how hard it is for someone to start a business from scratch, and all the work that needs to be done, both physically and psychologically. but don't be dismayed by that because, it's all worth it in the end, once you launch your business you'll be happy you took the risk.

self motivation · 10. December 2017
Hi, and welcome back to my blog. today I'll like to share a few tips on how to build or improve your online branding/presence. having an online presence is important to most things we do in this digital age, it's essential for you or your business to present a  professional image to the public, so as to gain their respect, trust and hopefully win them over, to patronise your business or service. Some people hire PR to manage their online presence for them, but not everyone can afford expensive 

Self Help · 08. November 2017
Hi everyone, I hope this blog finds you well. Today I want to discuss the issue of unemployment, but with a twist. I am not new to this issue, because I have experienced unemployment myself, in the early days back in Nigeria, I tried so hard to find work, in other to support myself in school but it was difficult, and very depressing I must admit, but I persevered and continue to strive despite the odds, until I was able to open my fashion outfit in Lagos before moving to Australia. so I know,

Life and Personal Advice  · 24. October 2017
Hi there and welcome, I hope this blog finds you well. today I want to talk about the power of positive mindset. It is one of the most empowering attribute a person can possess, it has the power to rebuild, reaffirm and strengthen you in the most difficult of circumstances. If you have a positive mindset, no obstacle or challenge can bring you down. We know certain situation can break your spirit because you're human after all and you're allowed to express different emotions. But you'll be ok.

Marriage&Relationship · 17. October 2017
Hi everyone, hope this blog finds you well. I didn't post lately, because I've been busy working & promoting my new book which I published on Amazon/Kindle/Kobo on Monday. Titled 7-Misconceptions-about-Marriage. In this book I addressed several myth that concerns relationship in marriage and domestic partnership, e.g. what people believe to be happening in a Relationship/Marriage and what actually happens. I have also included tips on what you should do instead, in other to better your union.

Marriage&Relationship · 01. October 2017
Are you in a relationship or married, have you and your partner been experiencing difficulty in communication.  Have you unknowingly created some unrealistic expectations, or giving way more than required all in an effort to make it work,  yet no positive result, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Are you struggling to find answers to several conflicting myths about what makes a marriage work. then worry no more . this book is written just for you.