Fairytale fantasy in Marriage

I chose this topic today because it's one area most people either don't want to go, or are scare to discuss due to potential backlash from those who might feel threaten by truth .

Many people have a fantasy  about a fairy-tale life when they get married, but that is kind of marriage is non-existent, and they don't want to confront the truth for fear of ruining that fantasy, but my dear readers it's better to be equipped with the right information, than to arm yourself with wishful thinking .


You may ask? what's the big deal in expecting a fairy-tale life when we get married?

My answer is that, its a myth, there is no such thing as a fairy-tale   life in marriage, and so people should be careful how they apply this mentality to real life situation.


I will like to say that most of the time people build this marriage fantasies in their it often comes from the reality TV shows they're watching , which unfortunately has no bearing in real life situations , and as a result many couples are struggling to connect with each other , because they have unknowingly set some unrealistic goals and expectation, thanks to fairy-tale fantasies.

in other to debunk this myth and face the truth about you should be doing instead, I'll urge you to get yourself a copy of my new book  ,where you'll find all the information in regards to this topic, and help yourself make better decisions in your dealings with your partner/spouse, and you'll notice a significant improvement in your marriage.

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have a blessed day. 

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