6 simple steps to achieve your personal goals

I know we've all heard about this ''Goal setting Topics '' many times. there are tons of article out there addressing this same topic,  but the very fact that we're still talking about it, and more people are sharing their opinion on it, makes it a crucial topic in regards to personal development and that's what motivated me to lend my voice and share my own personal experience on what has worked for me so far. because we are all different in the ways we deliver our massages, which makes the tips we share either easy for people to adopt or too complicated for them to try . so here is how I go about any goal I set for myself and thankful each of these steps has enabled me achieved them, and I hope they work for too.


lets get started. the number one thing to do is to,


1. Decide what you want to do.  This is often the first and most crucial step of all, to sit down and think about what it is you want to do and why you want to do it. your goal can be anything, it can be career goal, health goal, family or relationship goal, or personal goals, e.g. say you want to quit smoking/drinking alcohol, or loose weight, or start a new business. no matter what it is, once you start to consider it, you need to figure out why you want to do it in the first place, because that is where your motivation will come from, if you're doing it for yourself, ( for your own personal development and improvement) , then the motivation will be a lot stronger, than when you're trying to impress someone or doing it to outshine someone. when your reason for setting a goal is anything else but for your own personal growth, you will hardly ever make it. so keep your goal personal, that way the desire to be a better you will continue to fuel your motivation and ensure you don't give up on your journey until you achieve your goal.


2. Strategize.  After you figured out the ''What and the Why '' of your goal or dream, the next important step is to make a plan to achieve it. you need to map out a plan and strategy that will guide you and enable you to achieve your target. Your strategy is where you'll analyse how to go about the goal, if you can do it all by yourself or if you need a partner, what kind of resources is required, who else is going to be involve, what role are they going to play, you'll need to check your resources to see if you can afford to finance your goal, or if you'll seek some financial assistance from others, and who those others are gong to be, will you rely on family or friends, or should you seek some loans from lenders, or your bank. after going through all of these details then you'll consider the timing of this goal, because if you don't set a time frame for any goal, you're possibly never going to realise it. '' Time Frame'' is a motivational factor on its own. it gives you the more  reason to work harder to achieve your gaol, so it should be taken seriously. while you're analysing your strategy, if you think your dream is beyond your  capability then  find out if there are individuals who might be interested in your vision and willing to work with you in other to bring it to life. you shouldn't be stuck with your great ideas just because you do not have the resource to power it, there is always help out there, you just have to look around you and you'll sure find answers.


3. Implement your plan.  This one is pretty straight forward, since you've gone through step one and two, the next step will be to put your plans into actions. some people are good with coming up with great ideas but they hardly ever  follow up on it. I have had many people say somethings to me about starting a business  or acquiring some vocational skills, and they sound very motivated, but several months later when I catch up with them, and eagerly ask to know how the vision is shaping up, they'll come up with the flimsiest excuse as to why they didn't follow through with their goals. a friend once told me her cat died, and as a result she's very devastated and couldn't go for an audition she's been waiting seven months to get a chance at. I sympathise with her about the cat, but I couldn't figure out why the incident should put a hold on her dream of modelling. I wasn't Impressed by her decision but then again it's not up me. so what am trying to say here is that, you have to implement  your strategy for your dreams to get a chance of turning into a reality, otherwise it stays in your head only as a DREAM.


4. Be determined. We probably hear this statement all the time, and it's also one of my favourite quote '' determination is key to success'' . to realise a dream you have to be determined, because there are bound to be obstacle on your way, different challenges will come up when you strive to move a level higher than you are currently. from family distraction, sometimes family members and friends are the biggest dream killers, they laugh off your idea or give you 101 reasons why you shouldn't bother trying, some will even tell you about many other people who have done the same thing and failed, and that can be very discouraging, but don't let that deter you, once you've done your research and you know there is potential for success in your idea, then don't give it up for anyone. sometimes failure at the beginning of your project can cause you to start having second thoughts, but if you're determined to make it work, it will. each of these elements will test you and your mental capability but don't be discouraged, stay focused. some of these challenges are meant to point you in a better direction, or to strengthen your ambition, don't let it wear you down. challenges is a part of growing process. learn to channel your energy into positive thinking, by telling yourself that things may not have gone as planned or may have failed but that doesn't mean your dream should die with it. stay positive and determined.


5. Re-strategize. sometimes when we set ourselves some goals and implement our strategies, things still won't go as planned despite our efforts, that's why step five comes in. sometimes when you're stuck in the middle of a project or you don't seem to be moving forward with your plans despite how hard you've been working on it, then you should consider re-strategizing, often times nature stalls our plans to help us realise we're on the wrong lane which may not lead us to the expected destination. so when ever you find yourself struggling to achieve some positive result in your endeavour, do not fail to pause, think and re-strategize, chances are that one or some of your practice is the reason for the poor result, but once you re-access your strategy and make the necessary changes you'll notice a turn around of events, so what am saying here is, don't always give up on your gaols because you're not achieving success yet, chances are a little change to your original plan is all you need to transform your idea into an outstanding success.


6. Consistency. This step literally explains itself, you need to be consistent with your effort and practices in other to maintain your achievement. it's one thing to get to the top,  but it's entirely different thing to remain at the top. because you achieved your gaol doesn't mean you should relax and expect the result to last forever, NO. you have to keep working on it, to maintain that positive result, e.g.  keep learning as much as you can about ways to improve your expertise in your chosen ambition, re-access your strategy periodically to make sure you're applying the right approach in any given stage in your project. don't let your idea to become stagnant, always find ways to improve on them. thanks to digital age, we now have access to lots of helpful information's online. so keep up to date with your practice, apply yourself and your effort consistently and you'll see your dreams become a prosperous reality.



Hope you enjoyed todays article, please join me next week for another interesting topic. Thanks.


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