About Sonia's Clothing Line

Our Story

SONIA Nwajei - ( formally known as H.A.N.S Collection) is an ecommerce fashion outfit for women's clothing and accessories designed  by Sonia, in far North Queensland, Australia.


She is presently making unique handmade  clothing and accessories for women and girls, at the start of her launch, while she work on going into full commercial  production of her collection, next year to enable her service the growing demand of her beautiful fashion pieces.


Sonia recalls  '' a simple design sketch of a couture gown she drew on a piece of paper , on the floor of her bedroom '' , has now become, not only her passion but a career path that she's proud to take on , as her designs have  made its way into the online fashion world and continue to grow, which she credits to years of hard work and dedication .


 Sonia Nwajei clothing-line  was launched in April 2017 as an online only fashion outfit , but we have not ruled out brick and mortar store in the future .


Note to customers.- Sonia changed the name of her clothing line from H.A.N.S Collection to Sonia Nwajei citing personal reasons, though her clothing and accessories still bears the label from H.A.N.S Collection, but she  hopes to change them soon, to reflect the new identity soon.

Our Aim

  Her aim is to create trendy fashion label for women and girls using African and western material, to showcase her rich culture and heritage through creative fashionable wears, that’ll be stylish, elegant and yet affordable for all.

our vision statememnt

Sonia A Nwajei
Sonia A Nwajei

''  In every great story , there is a moment of humble beginnings '' our clothing-line is at the stage of humble beginning, but we're optimistic that this is the beginning of a great fashion story.