Marriage&Relationship · 17. October 2017
Hi everyone, hope this blog finds you well. I didn't post lately, because I've been busy working & promoting my new book which I published on Amazon/Kindle/Kobo on Monday. Titled 7-Misconceptions-about-Marriage. In this book I addressed several myth that concerns relationship in marriage and domestic partnership, e.g. what people believe to be happening in a Relationship/Marriage and what actually happens. I have also included tips on what you should do instead, in other to better your union.

Marriage&Relationship · 01. October 2017
Are you in a relationship or married, have you and your partner been experiencing difficulty in communication.  Have you unknowingly created some unrealistic expectations, or giving way more than required all in an effort to make it work,  yet no positive result, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Are you struggling to find answers to several conflicting myths about what makes a marriage work. then worry no more . this book is written just for you.